Maritime Limits and Boundaries for ArcGIS

The Maritime Limits and Boundaries extension provides a set of tools for calculating maritime limit lines and maritime boundary lines in ArcMap.

Users can capture, configure, store and disseminate their data using an industry leading GIS platform. This is a major advantage to usability as the data stream is harmonized, removing several transformation and data conversion steps.


  • Advanced limit line calculations
  • Equidistance calculations
  • Weighted midline calculations
  • Tri-point calculations
  • Batch calculation
  • Attribution, metadata and reference to source data
  • Supports shapefiles and file geodatabases

Geocap's extension represents a quantum leap in the science of generating maritime limits and boundaries. For the first time a tool has been created which is capable of accurately computing all the standard zones, plus any customized buffer zones, for a State's entire coastline, in one process.

-Geoscience Australia

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Erlend Kvinnesland

Erlend Kvinnesland
Business Development Manager - Geocap