Ground Model for ArcGIS

Enhance your offshore site investigation with our powerful ArcGIS Pro add-in. Designed to optimize subsurface interpretation and analysis, this tool simplifies data management, allowing you to focus on delivering accurate geological insights.

By working with seismic data, boreholes, and logs directly in ArcGIS Pro, the add-in simplifies complex projects, saving time and increasing efficiency. This results in a more comprehensive understanding of project sites and allows for clear and concise communication of findings and recommendations to project stakeholders. Ultimately, the add-in enables faster and more informed decision-making, reducing project timelines and costs.


A wide range of visualization tools are available, including a powerful 3D viewer, a cross-section viewer, and a log viewer. These viewers can seamlessly integrate your GIS data with seismic data, borehole data, and interpretations, allowing you to gain valuable insights into the site characterization. With the ability to manipulate displays, measure distances, overlay map layers and rasters, and visualize proposed infrastructure, you can obtain a comprehensive view of the subsurface landscape. The interconnected viewers enable you to analyze data from different angles and perspectives, providing a holistic understanding of the subsurface geology.

Data managment

Once imported, all data is managed in standard ArcGIS feature classes, tables and rasters, which enables you to apply the same data management principles and data editing tools as you would with the rest of your GIS data. The add-in provides a comprehensive Toolbox that includes various geoprocessing tools for importing and manipulating data. These tools include a SEG-Y reader and AGS reader. Additionally, a powerful SEG-Y scanner is included, allowing you to preview navigation in the map and view different headers. This feature is particularly useful for setting the correct byte positions during import.

Share result

Communicate findings with stakeholders by sharing subsurface scenes in ArcGIS Online. This is done by first converting seismic data and interpreted surfaces into multipatch format. Alternatively you can set up a full blown Subsurface Portal where end-users can delve into the details of all the data in a web application.

Technical Information

In order to run the add-in you will need ArcGIS Pro 3.x.

Supported formats

  • 2D SEG-Y, VDS
  • 3D SEG-Y, 3D ZGY, VDS
  • AGS
  • LAS
  • Petrel formats
  • Kingdom formats

Price and licensing

Monthly subscription

€ 829 per month

Floating license

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Annual subscription

€ 7 959 per year

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