Unlock your subsurface data


for ArcGIS

We extend the ArcGIS platform with subsurface modeling and visualization tools, effectively bridging the gap between the subsurface and GIS.


A Shared Earth Model

Geoscientists have for years been talking about the vision of having a shared view of the earth for sharing, collaboration and decision making. While the term earth modeling is well established across different industries, creating and sharing models that integrate data from various sources has so far proved to be challenging task. Our tools, based on the ArcGIS platform, provide a solution which can address a lot of the common challenges organizations face in making data come together to enable better collaboration and decision making.


Seismic Server for ArcGIS

Seismic Server extends ArcGIS for Server with the capability of serving 2D and 3D seismic data.

Subsurface Web Viewers for ArcGIS

Visualize and interact with seismic data and other subsurface data in 2D and 3D on any device.

Subsurface Web Maps for ArcGIS

Integration with ArcGIS web maps makes it easy to access subsurface data and combine it with cultural data.

Seismic JavaScript API for ArcGIS

Extend with your own custom functionality to meet your organizations need.


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