Ground Model


Geocap Ground Model is used for ground model construction in all stages of project development; from project inception and desktop study through to operation and maintenance, the ground model informs all activities involving resource assessment and engineering intrusive works.


The Geocap Ground Model module enables the integration of water column, ground / seabed, infrastructure and sub-surface data, including seismic and boreholes, in a single 3D environment, with processing and interpretation capability.

Geocap is the only software available that enables full interaction with all relevant site data, enabling best use of information through the complementary nature of data sets, and saving time and money by avoiding the use of multiple software packages and awkward file exchange formats.

Some feature highlights:

Project template
The Geocap Ground Model project template has a dedicated folder structure for your site data.

Water column
Visualize and analyze the water column from MBES data within the single 3D window.

Multibeam processing
Process MBES data and generate high resolution grids from huge datasets.
Automatically filter data and manual edit with full traceability for QC.
Generate DTMs using CUBE (Combined Uncertainty and Bathymetric Estimator).

Tidal corrections
Apply tidal corrections to bathymetry and seismic data.

Surface gridding
Grid ground surface and sub-surface data sets using a range of algorithms

Seismic interpretation
Import SEG-Y files and conduct Interpretation within the 3D window, picking horizons manually or automatically.

Seismic adjustment
Depth correct seismic data and interpretation by the generation and application of a velocity model.
Adjust the seismic lines to fit the seabed, as derived from the multibeam data.

Geological model
Create interpreted 3D solid geology block diagrams.

Image georeferencing and vertical image calibration
Easily georeference maps and images and drape them on the terrain.
Vertically calibrate images such as geological profiles or well log images in to the 3D space.

Geocap DataLink for ArcGIS
Visualize data from your ArcGIS projects inside Geocap with the ‘DataLink’ module. Write Geocap data back into the ArcGIS project.

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