3D Explorer for ArcGIS


Do you work with terrain models, buildings or other data with 3D information in ArcMap? Do you want to visualize this data without leaving ArcMap?
It is often useful to visualize data in 3D to get a better understanding and a more complete picture.

3D Explorer for ArcGIS is a lightweight extension to ArcMap which lets you visualize your data in an integrated 3D window in ArcMap.

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By installing the 3D Explorer for ArcGIS you get a toolbar which lets you controll the 3D window. Each layer in the Table of Content has an option for enabling 3D view.

The layers are shown with their correct symbology in the 3D window. 2D data and rasters can be shown flat or draped on elevation surfaces.

Supported geometry types:

  • Polygons
  • Lines
  • Points
  • MultiPoints
  • Raster
  • MultiPatch
  • Mosaic

System requirements:
ArcGIS Basic 10.x
3D Analyst is NOT required

Please contact Erlend Kvinnesland for more information.

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