GIM Course

We will hold a 2-day GIM course the 14th and 15th of April at our main office in Oslo.

This will be a introductory course covering topics such...

Latest developments in marine science and ocean technology

Oceanology International 2010

Tore Sannes and Jon Mugaas from Geocap AS will be present at the Oceanology International Conference...

Participants & Organizers

Sydney Pacific Workshop

Sydney Pacific Workshop Feb. 8th-19th 2010

Scott Sweet and Harald Sund from Geocap are currently in Sydney, Australia, participating in a workshop at...

Marine environment in focus

Seabed Mapping and Inspection

Tore Sannes and Erlend Kvinnesland from Geocap were present at the annual Seabed Mapping and Inspection Conference at Geilo, Norway, last week.


New website and logo

We are pleased to announce the new Geocap website and logo!

In connection with the new release of Geocap 5, coming out in February, we have also...

Release 5 of Geocap

Coming soon ... Geocap 5

Geocap 5 will be completed shortly. We will complete and wrap up the development in January. After a few weeks of testing and bugfix, the first version of...