Surface-based interpretation is the new method for seismic interpretation that greatly reduces interpretation effort, increases the quality of the result, while retaining full control of the process with the interpreter.

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GIM automatically tracks all continuous reflectors along seismic lines or in a three-dimensional cube, which then can be exported as GIM 2D and 3D SEG Y.

GIM seismic is considered to have higher resolution and more detail than can be seen in conventional seismic displays. By enabling SEG Y export of GIM tracking, users are enabled to benefit from GIM in any seismic interpretation system.

GIM surfaces can be visualized one by one, or in movie mode, which speeds up the process of becoming familiar with a seismic 3D volume. In addition, the surfaces can be used to obtain classical seismic interpretation.

GIM attributes makes it possible for the user to generate attributes on a selection of, or on all the GIM surfaces. The attributes can be generated either from the input cube, or another attribute cube, or even from another 4D cube. Attributes can also be calculated based on already generated attributes using the attribute calculator. The GIM attributes in combination with the GIM movie display makes it possible to investigate a seismic volume in new ways. Scans through thousands of surfaces can be achieved in minutes with possibilities to pause at any instance in order to make notes on observed attribute patterns of interest.

Academic Institutions

GIM is a skatteFUNN project by The Research Council of Norway.

The research project is still under development and we encourage people from universities and other academic institutions to put the software to use and provide us with input for further improvements. A collaboration will establish an opportunity for academic institutions to participate actively in further development of this project and acquire contributions from the industry, both in terms of data and money. We are particularly interested in getting in touch with students who can research the GIM technology connection with a master thesis or PhD.

The Geocap software with the GIM plugins is free for academic institutions. If you are interested in an academic license, please contact Stein Midtvåge.

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