We provide a number of services to our clients around the world. Our experts can assist you with all levels in your workflow, from data loading and organization, to analysis, processing and export. We also produce maps, plots, advanced graphics and 3D GeoPresentations.

What we do:

Data loading and project setup

Loading different datasets from different sources and in different coordinate system can be complicated and time consuming.

We have experience with vast amounts of data types and will help you build and organize your project in the best possible way.

Examples of data:
- Seismic data
- Interpretations
- Velocities
- Wells
- Multibeam sonar data
- Images

Let us do the the set up, so you can spend time at what you are good at.

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UNCLOS services

We have over 10 years experience working with areas within UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

Our technical experts can help you with:
- Base lines
- Maritime boundaries
- Mid-lines
- Limit line calculations
- Sediment thickness calculations (Gardiner formula)
- FOS analysis
- 60 M lines (Hedberg formula)
- Outer limit construction
- Outer limit optimization
- Final outer limit table
- Maps, figures, ducumentation etc.

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Maps, plots and graphics

We create maps and plots in any size or scale, and can deliver in any format you need. We also produce high quality 3D figures and PDF3D which gives everyone the possibility to view your model in 3D.

With our tailor made plot templates you only need to provide the data, and the plot is automatically created.

We have extensive experience in creating maps for UNCLOS art. 76 submissions.

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3D GeoPresentations

We will help you generate an impressive presentation of you project and data.

Geocap workflows are excellent for live presentation of your data model,
with fly trough and animations. Running the presentation is as simple as clicking through a PowerPoint presentation. The big difference is that you are not locked to the presentation sequence. At any time you can stop or pause the presentation, the display something from your project if someone asks a question, and then continue the presentation from where you left of.

These types of presentations has been held successfully for the UN CLCS in New Your on several occasions.

Workflows are also great for the big-screen on exhibitions. Just hit play and let Geocap present your model!

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Georeferencing analog seismic

There are millions of analog seismic lines publicly available as images online. We will help you georeference these images in Geocap. This enables you to display the analog seismic in 3D together with your new digital data.

We will also help you convert the analog seismic to SEG-Y,
which will enable you to interpret it like any other seismic line.

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The Geocap software system has advanced fuctionality in many areas within geology and geophysics. Therefore, to get the best start possible using Geocap, we recommend a Geocap training course. Attending a Geocap training course is the most cost-efficient way for new users to familiarise themselves with the sysem.

We offer:
Shelf training
5-day training course will provide you with everything you need to know about UNCLOS art. 76 in Geocap Shelf.

Seafloor training
3-day introduction course in multibeam processing for Geocap Seafloor.

Oil & Gas
3-day training course will give a good knowledge of Geocap, and enable efficient use of the software in day-to-day G&G work.

2-day training course, covering all elements of GIM.

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Our technical support staff is ready to help you with any problem you might have with using our products and services. Please use our contact page or send an email to to get in touch with us.