Water Column Data in Geocap

We have recently implemented functionality for viewing and interpreting water column data in Geocap. This was presented at the conference Seabed Mapping and Inspection at Geilo, Norway, in February.

The challenge with water column data is the huge amount of data, often up to 12GB per hour of logging. It is extremely time consuming to manually check every survey line for interesting features.

In Geocap we can solve this by merging multiple survey lines into one big water column cube using Brick technology which uses multithreading to load bricks in parallel. This enables us to visualize large amounts of data rapidly.

It is possible show water column swaths along the survey line or show cross lines in any direction through multiple survey lines. It is even possible to show a Z-plane through the cube. This speeds up the process of browsing through your survey data significantly.

Water column data can also be extracted as points and shown as a point clouds. These point clouds can be filtered and colored by amplitude in order to distinguish water from other features like seeps, fish etc. Remaining points can then be selected and flagged in our 3D Point Cloud Editor.

On import the water column data is automatically converted to depth and world coordinates which means the operator can visualize it together with the rest of the data in Geocap like multibeam/seabed, backscatter, seismic and other subsurface data.

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