Shelf Training 21. March - 23. March

Geocap will be arranging a training course covering the functionality of the Shelf module this March.

The training will take you through all aspects of an UNCLOS article 76 project in Geocap, from data import to final deliverable.The course is suitable for both novice and experienced Geocap users.

When: March 21st - March 23rd 2017
Where: In our offices in Oslo

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Tentative agenda

Day 1:
- Basic concepts
- Base lines, distance lines and midlines
- Working with bathymetry
- Base of slope analysis
- FOS Analysis and Hedberg points
Day 2:
- Working with seismic data
- Seismic Interpretation
- Depth Conversion
- Sediment Thickness and Gardiner points
Day 3:
- Final outer limits
- Workflows
- Integration with ArcGIS
- Map production and deliverables

Lunch is included in the training fee.
Final registration date is: March 17th.

For information about pricing please contact