Seismic Explorer for ArcGIS to be released

Note: Seismic Explorer for ArcGIS has now been released. Read more here: Seismic Explorer for ArcGIS

Geocap Seismic Explorer for ArcGIS gives you access to subsurface data in ArcGIS without the use of specialized exploration software.

The extension to ArcGIS makes it possible to import seismic data (SEG-Y), both 3D and 2D, and visualize it in ArcGIS together with cultural data and the rest of your subsurface data.


  • Import navigation and outlines directly from SEG-Y files.
  • Import 2D seismic lines and 3D seismic cubes from SEG-Y files.
  • Visualize 2D and 3D seismic and other subsurface data together with your cultural data.
  • Interact with the seismic cube visualization by seamlessly moving seismic sections through the cube.
  • Combine and visualize multiple cubes and seismic lines in the same view.
  • Extract and display arbitrary seismic lines from any number of seismic cubes.
  • Publish seismic data and other subsurface data to 3D web scenes
  • Brick based loading ensures high quality rendering of the seismic using OpenGL.


  • Seismic navigation and outlines provides you with more metadata from the seismic survey.
  • Outlines of seismic cubes can be read without null and zero traces, providing a detailed overview of actual data coverage.
  • Avoid the hassle of importing all your cultural data into your seismic interpretation system.
  • Leverage your existing ArcGIS investment by enabling more people to view and analyze your subsurface data.
  • Make it possible for people in your organization to view subsurface data on mobile devices and in Internet browsers.

Preview web scene
Preview video

The first release of this ArcGIS extension will be available in March.
Please contact Morten Tønnesen if you are interested in more information or want to try it out.