Recap from Oceanology International 2012

Imagery combined with terrain model

Geocap had an exhibition booth at Oceanology International 2012 in London, 12-15 March.

We were approached by several engineering and survey companies asking for Geocap capabilities both in the water column, on the seabed surface and all kind of data related to the 0-50m below the seabed surface.

To show some more of what we can do, we have put together some images and a PDF3D example of a wind turbine combined with sub-surface data.
wind turbine(Click the image to download the PDF3D, 19mb. Note that this kind of pdf needs the 3D functionality of the Adobe Reader, and may not display in your browser, so you may prefer to save it to disk rather than opening inside your browser.)

To see our PDF3D gallery, click here.

Below is an example of sidescan draped on a 0.5m x 0.5m terrain model.
Side scan

The title image in this story shows an example of imagery combined with terrain models.

If you find this interesting, please contact, and we can show you some more.