Ground modeling presented at Ocean Business 2013

During Ocean Business 2013 in Southampton earlier this month Brian Critchley, Senior Project Geophysicist at RES Offhore, presented Geocap Ground Modeling in windfarm development.

His talk on "Ground Model Development in a Single 3D Environment using Geocap" was very well received. Through Geocap workflows he demonstrated how he was able to integrate all data into one model. Interpretation, processing and visualization of all aspects of the model is done in Geocap.

Ingredients in his model were maps, cables, infrastructure, drillings, bottom samples, well logs, SBP, sparker, boomer, chirp, seismic, multibeam bathymetry, drillings, core photography, tidal corrections, depth conversion, seismic interpretation, CAD-models, video, magnetometry, backscatter, seabed photographies, volume sculpturing and much more.

Geocap will in the coming months further add functionality to this All-In-One ground modeling concept. For more information on using Geocap as a ground modeling tool, contact Harald Sund.