GIM 2 GIM 2 from Geocap

GIM2 Interim Release.
The GIM2 Consortium Members, RWE-Dea, Det Norske, Concedo, Noreco, PGS are receiving a special Geocap Release with all the latest seismic functionality.

Handling of large data sets

  • Advanced high-speed graphics
  • Parallelism
  • Brick technology

Seismic filtering

  • Anisotropic, band-pass, trace mix

Dip, azimuth, and coherency

  • Attribute cubes for tracking

Improved surface generation

  • Diagonal tracking
  • Dual zero tracking
  • Automatic brick surface merge
  • New surface attributes

Surface post-processing

  • Interpolation/extrapolation
  • Back-snap

Advanced surface interpretation

  • Complete surface editing

Contact us at to receive your copy of GIM2.