Geocap DataLink for ArcGIS

The new Geocap DataLink for ArcGIS will benefit anyone using both Geocap and ArcGIS, regardless of which Geocap module they are running.

The DataLink allows you to open existing ArcMap Documents (.mxd) inside Geocap in two ways:

  • As a standalone Table of Content window allowing you to display the data in a dedicated ArcMap window inside Geocap.
  • Through your Geocap project, allowing you to display the data directly in the graphics window of Geocap.

It is also possible to open Esri File Geodatabases inside a Geocap project allowing you to copy data between the Geocap project and the geodatabase. It is possible to open multiple geodatabases inside a Geocap project and do multiple copy paste on datasets between the two systems.

The DataLink supports both feature class and raster datasets, which means you can copy most datasets into ArcGIS such as grids and DTMs, bathymetric profiles, seismic 2D navigation, seismic 3D outlines and all other points and lines.

Datasets in Geocap which contain field data will be preserved in the attribute table when moved into the geodatabase.

The DataLink will work with ArcGIS 10.x.