Geocap 7.0 released

Geocap 7.0 has now been released and is being rolled out to all clients under paid maintenance agreement.

To ensure stability of our software the visualization and GUI platforms (VTK & Qt) have been upgraded for this release.

We have implemented hundreds of new features and improvements across all modules for this release. A short list of highlights is provided below.


  • Optional "Auto save" on projects with user specified time interval
  • "Save as..." option for projects
  • Automatic Seabed interpretation
  • Simple merging of points and lines
  • Saturation on color tables
  • Improvements in gridding


  • Water column processing, visualization and interpretation
  • Surface cut/fill volumetrics
  • Create Dip (gradient) and Dip Azimuth surfaces


  • Extract critical base points as a separate dataset
  • Several improvements for equidistance line / mid line calculations
  • Generate bathymetric profiles with any number of points
  • Simple way of merging FOS points

Ground Model

  • New project structure
  • New depth conversion method
  • Improved gridding from IHorizons

DataLink for ArcGIS

  • Multiple copy/paste to file geodatabase
  • The ArcMap symbology is used when displaying ArcGIS data in Geocap