Geocap 6.3 Upcoming Release

Geocap 6.3 Geocap 6.3

Geocap 6.3 is expected to be released in September.


  • A new 2D view lets you view and interact with a cross section of multiple survey lines in combination with other data by sliding a cross section pane through the 3D graphics scene.
  • Any number of multibeam survey lines can now be edited simultaneously in the 3D graphics view. The editor has undo/redo functionality. Deleted points are only flagged as deleted, and can easily be undeleted at a later stage.
  • Multiple multibeam survey lines can be edited in a 2D cross section view. The same editing capabilities are available both in 2D and 3D.
  • A much improved point flag mechanism. Multiple flags are allowed for each point.
  • The new point visibility dialog lets you easily control the visibility of any set of XYZ points according to their flags


  • The new Brick technology allows Geocap to handle seismic 3D cubes of any size using parallel processing and brick partitioning.
  • Seismic filtering includes anisotropic filtering, band-pass and trace mix.
  • Improved surface generation features diagonal and dual zero tracking.
  • Complete surface editing.


  • You can now georeference images using an arbitrary set of reference points. This way even inaccurate or low-quality maps may be georeferenced.