Geocap 6.3 has been released!

We are proud to present Geocap 6.3, which contains considerable technological advances in the areas of seismic data loading and visualization as well as in Seafloor data management.

As always, the new release can be found on our download page.

See the full release note here: Online, PDF

Here are a few highlights:

New seismic brick cube technology

Brick technology allows you to display and process arbitrarily large 3D seismic datasets using parallel processing and brick partitioning.

This technology was developed for handling huge datasets on relatively small computers. We have successfully imported a 314 Gigabyte SEG-Y file and run the visualization on a laptop computer.

Multibeam editing and flagging in 2D and 3D

Multiple multibeam survey lines can now be edited in both 3D view and 2D cross section view simultaneously. The same editing capabilities are available both in 2D and 3D. The editor has undo/redo functionality. Deleted points are only flagged (marked) as deleted, and can easily be un-deleted at a later stage.

The new Point Flag Visibility Filter dialog lets you easily control the visibility of any set of XYZ points according to their flags.

Seismic visualization

Ever wondered what is hiding behind the watercolumn part of your seismic section? In Geocap 6.3 the command Seismic Subsection removes/makes transparent the seismic above a line, an interpretation or a grid surface. In addition Seismic Subsection is used for creating sub sections limited by shot point range, Z-value (or inline/crossline range for 3D seismic).