End of maintenance for the CFLOOR software from 2013

Effective from January 1, 2013, the maintenance and support for the CFLOOR software will be ended by Cfloor AS, as stated in the bulletin of 10 January 2012.

All CFLOOR customers will by the end of 2012 receive an “infinite” license file for their existing installation, for the continuation of the use of the software.

Customers using the CFLOOR software will have the possibility to upgrade from their existing software to the Geocap Seafloor software with a discounted price. The discount is dependent on the maintenance status.

CFLOOR licenses purchased since 2010 may have a free upgrade to Geocap Seafloor.

The Geocap Seafloor software is built with a user interface where existing CFLOOR users will recognize how to work. However, the Geocap software has more functionality, more advanced graphics, and has much larger processing capabilities than the CFLOOR software. We recommend the 64 bit Windows version. The software will e.g. be able to process a large number of multibeam datagram formats, XYZ data, (shallow) seismic data and do geo-referencing of images. The Geocap software also has database connections.

For information regarding the newest Geocap release 6.3(.x), see http://geocap.onconfluence.com/display/rel/Geocap+6.3+Release+Notes for descriptions and videos showing new functionality.

For more information and for request of a license upgrade, please contact:

E-mail: sales@geocap.no
Geocap AS